Why women should not be silent in the churches

Last week, I wrote a short post called 'Where do I stand on the issue of women preachers?'. The post wasn't intended to mount an argument for one position or another. Rather, it was written in response to questions I have been asked from inside and outside the church that I pastor, St Barnabas Broadway. The [...]


PART 1: The conversation that church plants and established churches need to have

There is a conversation that church plants and established churches need to have. It isn't happening. And this is a problem. Over three posts, I'm going to unpack some uncomfortable truths about the relationship between old and new churches, about effective resourcing of mission and about the dark side of the minister's heart. Another conversation Many Christians [...]

Why I love the parish church

You might think, from the state of the current conversation around mission and church planting, that parish churches have had their day. That they are a quaint, nostalgic and ineffective legacy of comfy Christendom. But parish churches have never been more important. It is true that a great deal of evangelism naturally proceeds along lines that largely [...]