My reflections on the national Anglican report into IPV

Two Wednesdays ago, the national Anglican church released a report it had commissioned on the prevalence of intimate partner violence (a subset of domestic and family violence) in the experience of Australians who identify as Anglican.  I am enormously thankful that Anglicans not only commissioned this first-of-its-kind study, but also that it was released to [...]


Stand with Paris?

Today in Sydney the Daily Telegraph reported that the 'merciless' response promised by President Francois Hollande of France had begun with revenge bombings of cities in Syria. There should be no doubt that non-combatants will suffer in these attacks. I write this with a profound sense of anxiety and personal misgiving. But I feel like [...]

On having enemies

In May last year, the police in Massachusetts had a problem. They had the body of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of the Boston bombers, but nowhere to bury it. Cemeteries in three states had refused to provide a plot for his remains. The chief of police even went on national television to ask for help. He [...]

Christmas, violence & Sainsbury’s

'Is this the greatest Christmas ad ever?' A month ago, the British supermarket chain, Sainsbury's, released an ad commemorating the famous Christmas Day football match between British and German forces in 1914. In this ad, the celebration of Christmas becomes a universally shared circuit-breaker in the constancy of violence. This connection of Christmas Day and the temporary ceasefire [...]